Nelly Elliott

Newcastle based blogger, mama, creative, coffee-only with my oxygen, vegan, plus-size fashion lover and feminist.


Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

As a child of the 90s I love a good Friends quote, and I always remember Monica saying she wanted to be the Mom that made the best chocolate chip cookies, and spends the episode trying to perfect Phoebe's Grandmother's recipe. I do love a good bit of recipe development, but I also love t…

Chocolate Chip & Banana Doughnuts

I am a sucker for miniature food, give me a sharing platter, or tasting menu over a big portion of something any day of the week. I mean why would you want a huge steak or burger, if you could have tiny versions of lots of things off the menu? Maybe it's down to my own indecision and fear of o…